What is Love INC? Simply put, Love INC is the Church—organized to meet the needs of people in their community. A Love INC forms when churches from various denominations decide they want to work together to help their neighbors in need. There are currently 135 Love INC affiliates around the country.

Our Mission: To help churches help people in need.

Our Vision:

  1. That people in the community know that churches are caring and helpful resources they can turn to in times of need.
  2. That churches are unified, equipped and motivated to befriend people in need, and, in so doing, help meet their need and transform their lives in the name of Christ. 

Our Threefold Purpose:

  1. To meet people’s legitimate needs in the name of Christ.
  2. To unify the Body of Christ.
  3. To help Christians become more Christ-like through the spiritual discipline of service.

 Why should a church join Love INC?

  1. Because God cares about people in need and he expects His people to share this concern. Love INC provides a strategy to mobilize your congregation to meet specific, manageable, verified needs of people that live near your church.
  2. Because church unity is essential to effective evangelism. A unified benevolence ministry is a very practical, non-controversial way for churches to work together--one that unbelievers appreciate.
  3. Because humble servanthood is a great posture from which to evangelize. Love INC can assist your church in “local missions” by providing evangelistic opportunities that spring naturally from acts of practical service.
  4. Because Christians grow spiritually as they have regular opportunities to exercise the spiritual discipline of service. These service opportunities allow you to learn more about God, yourself and others. We learn humility by serving others.
  5. Because it is wise stewardship. By verifying requests for help we enable the church to be better stewards of their benevolence funds and staff time. It provides a way for all church members, not just the pastoral staff, to meet people’s tangible needs in Christ’s name.
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